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Human-Being-Human (2019)

Audience participative performance. A retro party from the perspective of non-biological post-human beings, assuming they are trying to understand what it would be like to be a biological being.

기술적 특이점 이후, 지금으로부터 약 100년 후의 시대를 가정하여, 그들(본 작업에서는 호모 사피엔스 이후, 생물학적 경계를 벗어난 새로운 존재를 가상한다.) 의 시점에서 벌어지는 2019년 현재를 테마로 하는 레트로 파티. 미래의 시점에서 던지는, "생물학적으로 존재한다는 것은 과연 어떤 느낌이었을까?"라는 질문은 인공안개로 가득 들어찬 지하공간에서 펼쳐진다. 전시는 전시라기보다는 하나의 파티 혹은 이벤트로 위장되며, 압구정의 칼하트 매장 지하의 '아지트'와 같은 공간에서 펼쳐졌다. 안개로 가득차 한치 앞을 보기 어려운 상황에서 같은 색의 천으로 뒤덮인 위장된 가벽 내외를 넘나들며 퍼포먼스가 펼쳐진다. 퍼포머들은 일반 관객들을 연기하며 그들과 전혀 구별되지 않은 채 약 3시간 동안 기절할때까지 춤을 추다가 탈진하여 쓰러진다.    

Constructed situation assuming a party, theme of 2019 at the post-human point of view (after Homo sapiens). In the partying space, nonlinear space-times are intermingled with those who once again become biological beings from the future (post-humans are supposed to overcome the boundaries of biological beings in this party), and the human beings who have stood here through long biological evolution. It is played in the blurred boundary between the audience and the performer. The event, which crosses various genres such as space installation, modern dance, theater, music, etc., is a teaser of the project 'Do Androids feel like dancing?'. It is a planned pop-up exhibition event.

The party was held in a secret space in the basement of the clothing store. In a secret underground space full of artificial-fog, performers begin their performances behind camouflaged walls and curtains. During the three-hour performance, performers appear out of the crowd in a dense fog and start to dance among them until they faint at the end of the performance.


Artist & Director: Kwanwoo Park

Engineer: Chan Lee

Performance Manager: Jaeseng Song

Performer: Bo-Kyung Kim, Yongbin Shin, Serim Lee, Kangwon Park, Kibom Han

Composer: Minjae Jung

Assistant: Jung-Sik Oh

© 2019, all right reserved

This artwork was created by the support of ZER01NE.



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